ECC Women's Soccer Championship Tiebreakers

For purposes of seeding the conference championship, a tie will be broken in the following manner:

a. If two teams are tied, the results of their regular season head to head match result will be used to break that tie; if they are still tied, then the results of each tied team against the rest of the conference opponents (in descending order) will be used until the tie is broken.

b. If three or more teams are tied for a place in the standings, then the overall record of the tied teams against each other shall be used as the tie-breaker; if any of the teams are still left tied, then the mechanism stated in (a) will be used again.

c. If (b) is utilized to break a tie between three or more teams, the tiebreaking procedure should start again from (a) on down if teams still remain tied after a separation of the original tie occurs

d. If a tie still exists, the team that has conceded the least goals in conference play will be the higher-seeded team.

e. If teams are still tied, the goal differential among the tied teams will be used to break the tie.

f. If teams are still tied, a coin toss by the ECC Commissioner will determine seeding of the conference championship.