ECC Overwatch Championship - Semifinal Recap

ECC Overwatch Championship - Semifinal Recap

No. 1 Southern New Hampshire 3 - No. 4 Farmingdale 0

  • Recap:
    • Throughout the regular season, South New Hampshire took home an undefeated crown into the semifinals of the playoffs and didn’t let down an inch. Collin “Commando” Desmond took his role as healer to the extreme, partaking at the highest level. Participating in almost 70% of eliminations in the first two maps, the level of coordination in the team to keep a push forward puts SNHU’s #1 on point with little doubt. Completely dominating Farmingdale with only one point in the entire series, SNHU will look to also maximize on Wesley “Weasy” Kane’s ability to flank opponents & take home the Finals trophy.

No. 2 New York Tech 3 - No. 3 Molloy 1

  •  Recap:
    • Despite a dominating performance by New York on Ilios, Molloy kept the series competitive for almost the rest of the series. As the #2 and #3 seeds battled it out, New York Tech came through on the back of Ryan “NAYR” Harran, matching Molloy’s attacks time and time again. NAYR controlled this match on his flexibility on Moira, moving from aggressive to passive in milliseconds based on how Molloy’s push location, aggression, and heroes used. Also being the only student-athlete over the weekend to have a 100% elimination participation on a single map (King’s Row), that alone speaks volume to the impact he created in New York Tech's movement into the ECC Finals.

Finals Preview
A battle between titans, the matchup to look for in the inaugural ECC Overwatch Playoffs is between SNHU’s Collin “Commando” Desmond and New York Tech's Ryan “NAYR” Harran. As two of the best support players in the conference, past matches have shown that both teams succeed and fail on the backs of these players. SNHU could get a leg up on New York Tech with some film review, looking at the various weaknesses that Molloy exploited on escort maps like Rialto. SNHU will look to maintain momentum from their semifinals match, but New York Tech will be the best team that they face to date. Expect this match to be decided in more than three maps.