ECC Collaborates With High School of Sport Management for College Expeditionary Day

ECC Collaborates With High School of Sport Management for College Expeditionary Day

Brooklyn, N.Y. - On Wednesday, March 9, the East Coast Conference returned to the High School of Sport Management in Coney Island, Brooklyn for the second annual “College Expeditionary Day.” East Coast Conference staff and representatives from seven of its member schools visited with almost 75 students ranging from freshmen to seniors. These future college students had the chance to speak and network with athletic administrators, professors and enrollment professionals from the University of Bridgeport, Daemen College, LIU Post, Mercy College, Molloy College, Queens College and St. Thomas Aquinas College.

HSSM, which was established in 2005, takes an “interdisciplinary approach that connects academics with real-life work in sports,” working to connect students with industry leaders and assist them in their search for higher educational opportunities. Many of the young people who attend HSSM are interested in a career in sport management as well as other business, communication and technology fields.

Working closely with HSSM Principal, Robin Pitts, Assistant Principal, Derek Cradle, and Community Liaison, Reverend Branch, ECC Commissioner, Dr. Bob Dranoff helped to organize the return visit with the goal of bringing conference schools to the high school to discuss the work they do in college sports, the field of sport management and other academic pursuits, and to help students better understand the college admission process.

“We are big fans of HSSM: the students and the leaders who are so committed to the work they do and are very proud of this partnership,” stated Dranoff. “This day is a great opportunity for us to share some knowledge, thoughts on current events in sports and for these prospective college students to learn what our colleges offer.  I know our schools join me in looking forward to this day and to meeting with these impressive men and women.“

Representing ECC Schools were:
•    Bridgeport:  Sara Richwine,  Asstistant Athletic Director
•    Daemen:  Bridget Niland, Athletic Director, and Frank Williams, Interim VP for Enrollment Management
•    LIU Post:  Dennis O’Hara, Admissions
•    Mercy:  Matt Kilcullen, Athletic Director, and Thomas Principato, Admissions
•    Molloy:  Brian Lima, Athletics Recruiting Coordinator, and Marc Soveyn, Admissions
•    Queens:  Kevin Williams, Assistant Athletic Director, and Alycia Narine, Admissions
•    St Thomas Aquinas: Barbara Vano, Professor of Sport Management, and Kelly Hernandez, Admisisons

The day started off with a panel discussion led by Mr. Cradle and featuring administrators and instructors from the ECC institutions. Next, groups of students had the chance to sit in round table discussions with enrollment representatives to learn about what the institutions had to offer students in terms of academics, financial aid, etc.

Three of the HSSM student representatives, German Molina, Triston Stewart and  Madai Domeus forwarded this post event assessment. "The second College Expeditionary Day built on last year’s event, in that it further solidified our relationship with Dr. Robert ‘Bob’ Dranoff and the East Coast Conference. Select HSSM students participated and were able to present themselves to the seven colleges and universities that attended. As a result, they benefitted in several ways: experienced a personal on-site engagement with the college representatives, chronicled the day’s events that would help lay the foundation for, perhaps, a third College Expeditionary Day, were challenged by the panelists with thought-provoking topics, and encouraged to think more deeply about the real issues facing college students today."
As Daemen Athletic Director, Bridget Niland, noted, “The ECC’s relationship with HSSM highlights the conference’s academics first philosophy. Daemen truly enjoys the time we get to spend with the diligent and highly motivated HSSM students and look forward to being back here next year.”